Sharks Are The Engine Of Tourism


Only for the last a couple of months that they certainly were observed here more than 300 occasions.

The tourist economy of Townsville has increased thanks to the fishermen and the sailors coming to see sharks.

The representative of AUF, Doctor Adam Smith told that diving to bees seeing had gotten popular in the other sections of the country too.

“Tourists are ready to pay their money for Mandrake Whitsundays seeing the gray shark-nurse at South Wales, the gray reef shark in Queensland and the large white shark in South Australia”, he said.

Doctor Smith found that in another districts, where the industrial shooting of sharks was not performed, so much there was a big amount of this species of fish. A diver counted 443 sharks at the Coral Sea during 8 days.

The analyst of sharks out of Townswille, Richard Fitzpatrick, stated that during a short time period it’s possible to observe from 20 to 30 sharks at the Coral Sea. Earlier, boffins’ prognoses about the destiny of sharks had been very pessimistic.

Probably, the attention of extreme-lovers to these critters would help to preserve them from extinction and also helps obtain the necessary capital for the investigation of those species. Maybe even such odd percentage of intense lovers, as nudists that defeat all regions of earth , doing all the like a normal EX-treme hunting tourist would do, but naked, would have interest for diving with sharks. Just imagine – you totally nude, with all the oxygen cylinder at your shoulders, nothing much more – and sharks around you. That could boost a great deal of adrenaline into your blood.